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First National Investment and Financial Trust is Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) to work with its clients’ investment expectations as relates to Joint Venture (JV) participation or Direct Loan Funding facilitation on any amount that may be of need towards lucrative projects, provided it will guaranty a safe return in terms of “flight to safety” profitability.


• Joint Venture (JV) participation up to any amounts potential clients are interested in.

• Also available with us is Direct Loan Funding that clients can afford to re-pay back when due.

• Approvals can be received within 1 week upon receipt of the needed documents.

• Disbursement within space of few days’ precedent to our terms and conditions on draw down.

• No amount is too high for us to approve or handle.

• No discrimination of any sort.

• Any country is acceptable to apply.

• Meeting face to face on a Top Table Meeting (TTM) is a must in getting to know our potential clients/customers policy with our organization in signing of all the legal documents with our Attorneys and financial experts.

• Tenure is optional and available towards the range of 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 15 years etc., depending on the amount being requested for.

• Annual percentage rates (APR) are in the neighborhood of 3% to 6% maximum.

• Our terms and conditions are very flexible.

• Every serious business minded individuals or corporate entities are welcomed.

• We are genuine, credible, clean and accredited organization whose integrity, records, pedigree in view of its antecedent is not questioned.
First National Investment and Financial Trust undoubtedly, is interested to partner with you or make available to your conglomerate group of clients the needed funds, in as much as profit margin will be very attractive in terms of good investment turn over on returns or borrower’s eagerness, seriousness and readiness for repayment of the funds being requested.


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Toll Free: +1-888-670-8939
Address: 300 East Main Street, Washington, IN 47501 U.S.A

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We're providing the best of a wide range of professional business services. Many businesses around the world have taken advantage of Nationwide First National Investment and Financial Trust's efficient and cost effective way of serving our clients to grow their business and increase profit.


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