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Our client advisory services
We provide nominee services by creating a securities account, managed by our dedicated team for the beneficiary.

Services we render include:
• Holding or arranging for the Securities to be held in safe custody;
• Delivering any documents evidencing proof of ownership of the units representing the Securities and where necessary any other instruments relating to such Securities to the Beneficiary.
• Collecting and/or receiving, for the account of the Beneficiary, all income and other payments and distributions attributable to or in respect of the Securities;
• Receiving and holding for the account of the Beneficiary, all securities received by the Nominee as a result of a stock dividend, shares sub-division or reorganization, capitalization of reserves or otherwise.
• Dealing with bonus issues, warrants and other similar interests offered to or received by the Nominee;

Our client advisory services are personalised to suit the individual client. We offer a complete guide to personal financing and we help our clients to:
• Create Budgets
• Plan for future expenses
• Plan for retirement
• Manage taxes


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